Full Day Tours

Lake Tana and visit a selection of the remote island monasteries. In addition, the interesting fauna of the lake can be observed in this trip (mainly hippos and different types of birds).
Gondar, the capital of Ethiopia until 1855, where the ancient emperor’s palace with churches and baths is situated. The castle from the 17th century, called Fasil Ghebbi, is located in the palace district which has been declared to be a UNESCO cultural world heritage site. also visit the Church of Debre Birhan Selassie with its iconic ceiling of painted angels.
Simien Mountains National Park: from Gondar to the park headquarters in Debark, the 100 km journey take around 2 hours. Simien Lodge, the highest hotel in Africa.
Gondar Simien Lodge – Axum visit: the ancient city of Axum. The first part is leading along the old Limalimo road which was built by the Italians almost 80 years ago but still in use. It is quite a long drive that takes about 6 hours, but rewarding with long mountain chains which can be seen from different perspectives.
Axum is the former capital of the Kingdom of Aksum the city is located in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, about 50 kilometers from the border to Eritrea. Axum is a holy city in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and in the Church of the Holy Mary of Zion, according to the Ethiopian-Orthodox tradition, the ancient original covenant is preserved.
Lalibella visit : Flight from Axum – Lalibela: There we see the famous churches carved in stone. These eleven monolithic churches and their underground tunnels were carved from the rock by 16,000 Ethiopians during 23 years in the 12th-13th century and are today part of the UNESCO cultural world heritage, too. First visit Asheten Maryam (Amharic for St. Mary’s perfume), a still active mountain monastery with a cave church.
Omo Valley Itinerary – Ethiopia:
Addis Ababa – Arba Minch (fly)
Arba Minch- Turmi: Boat trip on Lake Chamo, see hippos, visit crocodile market then drive to Turmi.
Turmi-karo-Turmi: On the way visit Konso village. The Konso village terracing is registered by UNESCO as Ethiopia’s 9th world heritage site. The landscape formed by erosion called “New York” to compare boldly with skyscraper buildings in USA. After visiting the Macheke village of Waka & their god statues head to the closest Omo valley villages.
Turmi-Jinka: At Omorate Dassanech tribes live. The village before you swim over Omo River is more like big capital “Modern” and after you take the boat ride or swim pass you will get to the amazing Dasenech tribes, sharing some cultures with the Kenyan Turkana. Yes you are only some 30 Km away from Kenya and Turkana territory.
Buska lodge to Jinka –Mursi: Mursi tribes known by their girls put clay plates in their lips and see how they become touristy. The most interesting natives of this land are the Mursi people, known around the world for their women who wear clay plates in their lower lips and earlobes. A small incision is made into the lips of teenage girls which they stretch over time. The lip plate remains a strong Mursi identity feature and is a symbol of a woman’s maturity and reproductive potential. Women are allowed to decide for themselves if they wish to slit their lip or not. Here is Eco Omo Lodge overnight.